Kaipumakani at the Hawaii Library Association

Kaipumakani will be presenting a workshop session at the 2017 Fall joint meeting of the Hawai‘i Library Association and the Hawai‘i Association of School Libraries.

When: Friday, October 27, 1:30-3:20 PM

Where: UH Mānoa Campus Center room 310

Title: Sustaining digital cultural heritage through culturally responsive content management

Abstract: Join us for a fun and informative session exploring options for sustaining digital cultural heritage. We will describe a number of content management options, focusing on the Mukurtu CMS, a free content management software that allows communities to preserve, share, manage, license and curate their digital heritage and stories. Mukurtu promotes a community approach to digital heritage management and preservation, integrating already established social and cultural systems with technological tools. In this session, participants will get hands-on experience with Mukurtu CMS, including: 1) basic site set up 2) core features, and 3) procedures to curate digital heritage items with Mukurtu CMS. Participants will see examples of Mukurtu in use in communities emphasizing sustainable preservation strategies, cultural protocols, and the use of traditional knowledge labels. Participants will also be introduced to the IMLS-funded Kaipumakani Project, which is providing resources and support for digital cultural heritage preservation in Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

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